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  • We are licensed with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, bonded with Western Surety, carry workers compensation, and general liability insurance.
  • You can rest assured when LKS Painting and Construction is working on your property, we always have you covered!

No Upfront Cost

  • We never ask for your hard-earned money until you are 110% satisfied with our work! We are painting professionals – No gimmicks. No tricks. No deceit.
  • We provide a detailed proposal which outlines exactly what we will be doing and how much it will cost. We will NEVER ask you for more money after we have come to an agreement. It is our job to write up accurate, precise, and reliable proposals.
  • Upon project completion we perform a final walkthrough with you to review our closeout submittal. We make sure and verify the work performed has exceeded your expectations.

Premium Paints from Sherwin Williams

  • The foundation for a long-lasting paint job consists of two important components; proper preparation and high-quality paint products. Without those two elements you will never achieve excellent results.
  • Sherwin Williams has been manufacturing paint since 1866, their products set the bar for the coatings industry.

Interior & Exterior Paint Packages

  • Main elements of our paint packages include: surfaces to be painted, products, warranty length, contractor applied samples, and color selection assistance.
  • Paint packages eliminate gray area in crucial aspects of the painting process, while providing a standard operating procedure for our team to live by.
  • We tailor any of our packages to fit your expectations, adding or eliminating services is simple and stress free. Check out our price guides to uncover more great benefits that are included with our paint packages!

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LKS Painting and Construction

A Mindful Painting Company of Arizona

We strive to ensure our client is not only satisfied but thrilled with their paint job; we will do what it takes to make that happen. We appreciate and value our clients time, resources, needs, and wants. Time is something our clients can never get back; for that reason, we are efficient, communicative, and strive to be on time, every time. We respect and care about people; we live by the Golden Rule “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

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High Quality Exterior Paint Packages

All paint packages include a warranty, color sample application, color consultaion, plus much more!


Platinum Exterior Paint Package


Premium Exterior Paint Package


Standard Exterior Paint Package

High Quality Interior Paint Packages

All paint packages include a warranty, color sample application, color consultaion, plus much more!


Platinum Interior Paint Package


Premium Interior Paint Package


Standard Interior Paint Package

LKS Painting & Construction Blog


Picking the Right Interior Paint Color for Your Home or Commercial Project

April : 22, 2020

With the vast array of color choices available today, it can be hard to know where to begin. If you are like many of our clients, you want to make sure you are not only choosing the right colors, but also colors that will coordinate from room-to-room, or from interior to exterior. The good news is that there are many easy resources available to help you create the perfect palette with confidence.

A crucial step people often miss is not utilizing paint samples on the desired surface. This is because light determines how the color will appear; color never stands alone. Whether it is natural daylight or artificial lighting, light can dramatically change the appearance of certain colors. Viewing color samples throughout the day is always the best way to find colors you will love.

When selecting a paint color for a room, draw inspiration from some of your favorite accessories – such as pillows, artwork, and rugs.To ensure a smooth color transition, unify similar color tones. To achieve color uniformity, choose a color for a room, then paint the adjacent space using tones from the same color chip either two shades lighter or darker.

A great way to add style to a space is by complementing feature walls. It does not take very much color to punch up a space. A, nook, window bay or headboard can make a great feature wall – perfect for a strong splash of color to accent your room.

The end of a hall can be the perfect spot to feature an unexpected hue that might otherwise overpower an entire room. Encourage more than a passing glance by displaying interesting artifacts on a narrow console.

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HOA Color Help

April : 22, 2020

Ready to paint your home’s exterior but worry about your Homeowners Association’s color/repaint guidelines? This step by step guide will help you get ready for your next residential exterior repaint project!

The first and most important step; contact your HOA directly to review your upcoming repaint plans.  Some may require you to submit for approval with your paint color names, while others may not.Most associations have colors that are pre-approved, you can either pick from their new colors or match your existing colors. While contacting your HOA ask for a copy of theCC&Rs (covenants, conditions, and restrictions), CC&R refers to any document, contract, or agreement that restricts the usage and enjoyment of real property.

The websites for Dunn Edwards and Sherwin Williamshave Color Archives containing pre-approved HOA colors, more than likely you will find your HOA color info on either of their websites (links provided below). Please keep in mind thatyour HOA will provide the tools necessary to ensure your plan fits within the community guidelines, they are one of the main components to a successful residential exterior repaint.



Almost to the finish line! It is time to start the color selection process. Some of our clients find this process to be problematic, for others it is not astroublesome. Whichever category you find yourself in, this is your opportunity to add a personal touch to the exterior of your home. Hopefully, you found a few colors you like from searching the color archives above. Pro Tip: drive your neighborhood and write down the addresses of some homes you like, your estimator can usually match those homes to the approved colors on your HOA color list. Your estimator is another great resource that will help guide you    through the color selection process. As painters we enjoy artistically assisting our clients to find the perfect color scheme for the exterior of their home, which they will enjoy for years to come. LKS Painting and Construction canschedule a professional color consultant tomeet with you in person or via web to assist in color selection as well.

Make your final color selections; before submitting them for HOA approval (where required) ask your estimator to apply samples to different areas of your home, check them out throughout the day/evening. Finalize and submit necessary paperwork to your HOA for project/color approval.

Depending on your HOA the color approval process can take anywhere from three to six weeks, get the HOA info knocked out as soon as you can to avoid delays outside of your control. I always recommend budgeting a few extra weeks in case the HOA denies your color request; you want to have ample time to select new colors and re-submit. Two of the most common reasons HOA’s reject colors are using colors that have not been pre-approved by the HOA or,using the same color scheme as your next door neighbor. Double check with your HOA to ensure they received your paperwork and you are approved to paint.

Schedule 2-3 estimates withlocal,licensed, bonded, and insured painting contractors. At the very least, make sure they are willing and able to help with the items listed above. After reviewing the pros and cons between each painter call to get your home on their schedule.

Now the best and most satisfying part! Kick back, relax, and let the good times roll!! You just made a great investment in your biggest asset that returns .75 cents on the dollar.

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Home Remodel Projects With The Highest R.O.I

April : 22, 2020

According to recent reports if you are contemplating investing in a major remodeling project, the following 10 home improvement projects provide the best return on investment for homes nationwide. The reports were obtained from Remodeling Magazine’s “2020 Cost vs. Value Report” and “HGTV’s Top 15 Home Updates That Pay Off Article.”

1. Garage Door Replacement

Cost: $3,562

Resale: $3,661

Recoup: 102.8%

2. Manufactured Stone Veneer

Cost: $8,812

Resale: $7,404

Recoup: 84.0%

3. Siding Replacement

Cost: $15,686

Resale: $11,959

Recoup: 76.2%

4. Exterior Repaint

Cost: $4,600

Resale: $3,432

Recoup: 74.6%

5. Deck Addition (Wood)

Cost: $13,503

Resale: $10,062

Recoup: 74.5%

6. Minor Kitchen Remodel (Midrange)

Cost: $21,818

Resale: $16,038

Recoup: 73.5%

7. Window Replacement (Wood)

Cost: $20,182

Resale: $14,623

Recoup: 72.5%

8. Window Replacement (Vinyl)

Cost: $16,524

Resale: $11,969

Recoup: 72.4%

9. Roofing Replacement (Asphalt Shingles)

Cost: $21,443

Resale: $14,961

Recoup: 69.8%

10. Entry Door Replacement (steel)

Cost: $1,782

Resale: $1,208

Recoup: 67.8%                                                



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“Luke & his team at LKS Painting & Construction did fantastic interior paint work at my home; they were on time, communicative, and helped with my color selections. LKS Painting & Construction gave the interior & kitchen cabinets a fresh new look. Definitely added instant value for my resale.”

Richard S. – Anthem


“The hand built bookshelf LKS Painting & Construction created and designed for me was gorgeous. They are true painting and woodworking pros.”

Scott M. – Buckeye

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