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Platinum Exterior Paint Package


Premium Exterior Paint Package


Standard Exterior Paint Package


*Prices are based on a vacant, 2,000 sq.ft., single story home, with average prep work.

Exterior Scope of Work

Walls/Ceilings image image image
Shutters/Doors/Trim image image image
Galvanized Metal/Aluminum/Steel image image image


Stucco/Masonry/CMU image image
Drywall/Wood image image
Galvanized Metal/Aluminum/Steel image


Voids between windows, doors, trim,
and other through-wall openings filled after priming
image image image
Stucco Cracks & Holes image image image
Warranty 15 YEARS 10 YEARS 5 YEARS
Color Assurance Program 12 Contractor Applied Samples 8 Contractor Applied Samples 4 Contractor Applied Samples
Color Selection 6 Color Choices Included 4 Color Choices Included 2 Color Choices Included
Color Consultation You can depend on us to help you find the perfect color for your home!

*Painting packages represent a portion of what LKS Painting & Construction has to offer, please give us a call to discuss your next painting or remodel project.

* Detailed warranty info included in proposal. Darker colors will fade faster than lighter colors, our warranty does not cover fading.