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Picking the Right Interior Paint Color for Your Home or Commercial Project


With the vast array of color choices available today, it can be hard to know where to begin. If you are like many of our clients, you want to make sure you are not only choosing the right colors, but also colors that will coordinate from room-to-room, or from interior to exterior. The good news is that there are many easy resources available to help you create the perfect palette with confidence.

A crucial step people often miss is not utilizing paint samples on the desired surface. This is because light determines how the color will appear; color never stands alone. Whether it is natural daylight or artificial lighting, light can dramatically change the appearance of certain colors. Viewing color samples throughout the day is always the best way to find colors you will love.

When selecting a paint color for a room, draw inspiration from some of your favorite accessories – such as pillows, artwork, and rugs.To ensure a smooth color transition, unify similar color tones. To achieve color uniformity, choose a color for a room, then paint the adjacent space using tones from the same color chip either two shades lighter or darker.

A great way to add style to a space is by complementing feature walls. It does not take very much color to punch up a space. A, nook, window bay or headboard can make a great feature wall – perfect for a strong splash of color to accent your room.

The end of a hall can be the perfect spot to feature an unexpected hue that might otherwise overpower an entire room. Encourage more than a passing glance by displaying interesting artifacts on a narrow console.

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